Who can join the MARCO-BOLO CoP?

The MARCO-BOLO CoP is open for member nominations, especially individuals or organisations involved in biodiversity observations.

Why join the MARCO-BOLO CoP?

  • Offers a safe space for peer-to-peer learning, exchange of best practices and innovation.
  • Allows for bottom-up and top-down decision-making.
  • Provides access to expertise and knowledge.
  • Fosters learning and professional development.
  • Enables cross country collaboration and resource sharing.
  • Encourages networking and strengthening or building alliances.
  • Promotes national, regional and global cooperation.

Who is in the MARCO-BOLO CoP?

The MARCO-BOLO CoP is made up of several types of members, the Core and the Wider CoP. The Core CoP consists of representatives of organisations who have a coordinating role in the development of the biodiversity observing system, while the wider CoP includes implementing organisations.

More information coming soon.