2023 INCISE Symposium

The International Network for Submarine Canyon Investigation and Scientific Exchange (INCISE) is a forum that brings together scientists from around the world working on all aspects of submarine canyon research and stimulates discussions across disciplines.

ICAEB 2023: 17. International Conference on Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity

MICROBE Workshop – The concepts of Keystone taxa and Core Microbiome

FAIR Data Training Course for Marine Biologists

This course will teach the concepts and practicalities of FAIR data with a focus on marine biologists and biodiversity scientists.

6th ATMO-ACCESS Call for Multidisciplinary Transnational Access

Workshop on Quantitative Seascape Ecology of Marine Plankton

The workshop will focus on quantitative studies in ecology, utilizing the extensive Tara Oceans datasets. These datasets encompass DNA sequences, organism imaging resources, and rich metadata related to plankton life. Participants will explore the ecological, evolutionary, and biogeochemical contributions of plankton and their impact on climate change.