Joint MARCO-BOLO GOOS BioEco Panel Meeting

This meeting aims to bring together members of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) BioEco Panel and MARCO-BOLO to advance the deployment of Essential Ocean and Biodiversity Variables (EVs) in support of decision-makers and the scientific community.

The key objectives and desired outcomes are to:

  • Exchange views on BioEco EOVs: What can MARCO-BOLO do to advance them? How can the Panel most effectively engage in MARCO-BOLO activities?
  • Identify specific areas within the 2030 Roadmap for BioEco EOVs: Where can the two initiatives work together? What priority activities could MARCO-BOLO help advance?
  • Develop a joint plan to facilitate engagement and ensure linkages are mutually beneficial.

For more info please contact: Lisa Benedetti,