MICROBE Workshop – The concepts of Keystone taxa and Core Microbiome

MICROBE Workshop: Exploring Keystone Taxa and Core Microbiota

Join the MICROBE online workshop as they delve into the discussion on “Keystone Taxa” and “Core Microbiota.” This event aims to establish common definitions for these crucial concepts, integrating diverse perspectives into a collective opinion paper for publication.

Event Highlights:

Why Attend: Recent studies have underscored the significance of microbiota in shaping life on Earth. However, a mechanistic understanding of microbiota formation, interactions, and (meta)phenotypic changes over time remains elusive. This workshop, organized by the MICROBE project, aims to bridge these gaps by exploring concepts like “keystone taxa” and “core microbiota.”

Key Topics:

  • Defining priority strategies for isolation and cultivation.
  • Setting up synthetic communities (Syncoms).
  • Exploring the functional diversity of microorganisms for technical and medical applications.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with experts and contribute to advancing our understanding of microbiota concepts. Explore the complexities, share insights, and be part of the MICROBE Workshop conversation!