The UFZ is one of the world’s leading research centres in the field of environmental research, enjoying high social recognition. It demonstrates ways in which a sustainable use of our natural resource base is possible for the benefit of both humankind and the environment. Biodiversity, functioning ecosystems, clean water and intact soils all make up our natural resource base. In the face of global change, employees at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ are united by the goal of demonstrating ways to combine societal development with a healthy environment.

The UFZ conducts excellent research and takes on a shaping role in the scientific community. As a reliable partner, the UFZ supports the political arena, the economy and the general public to better understand the consequences of human actions on the environment and to develop options for social decision – making processes. For this purpose, the UFZ responds to the stimuli created by society and by producing know – how and technologies that should help to rapidly identify problems comprising conflicting priorities between the environment and society. The UFZ will consequently work on precautionary measures.


UFZ are investigating the monitoring techniques and analytical methods to parameterise causal chains of drivers and pressures affecting biodiversity along the Inland-River-Sea continuum. Indicator identification, up- and downscaling scaling related to Essential Ocean Variable (EOVs) and Essential Biodiversity Variable (EBVs) as part of WP3. They are also contributing to the dissemination and project legacy as part of WP7, specifically in the research infrastructure landscape context.


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