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Our aim at NOC is to build a world where everyone feels empowered and inspired to help our oceans thrive. This means giving people the opportunity, the ability and the motivation to protect, restore, and harness the value of our ocean. We’re doing everything in our power to pursue and promote ground-breaking research and innovation. We believe that if we all have a deeper understanding of the ocean, we can unlock its potential and provide solutions to problems facing the world today. Because by helping our ocean, all life on Earth will benefit. Our planet is a blue planet. Most of its expanse is covered by the ocean. This vast space is the lifeblood of our world, regulating the environment even more than the Amazon rainforest. Yet so much of our ocean is yet to be discovered and its value is so often overlooked. That’s why we go further to gain a deeper understanding of our ocean and coastlines. Through ground-breaking research, collaboration and game changing innovation we will empower everyone to help them thrive. Our fate on this planet is bound up in our ocean and there is so much exciting power to harness in its depths. So here at NOC, we go deeper.


NOC are contributing to co-design of sensor networks using stakeholders’ scientific requirements (WP6), delivery of geolocated biodiversity maps via automated systems (WP4), advancement of sensor-based data processing, communications protocols and user interfaces (WP4), hands on training in sensor use and data resources (WP6) and the data portfolio within WP7.


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