WORK PACKAGE 1: Delivering Essential Biodiversity Variables: Local to Global Biodiversity (meta)Data for Coastal and Marine Systems

Work Package 1 will co-develop and establish robust and lasting specifications for biodiversity (meta)data exchange with European and global biodiversity systems and develop lightweight proof-of-concept implementations to validate their fitness for purpose.

Work Package Objectives


Establish a lightweight project level FAIR aligned data management approach to collect complete and quality controlled (meta)data ready for flexible distribution over the web.


Establish through consultation with relevant stakeholders in WP6 digital exchange specifications to transmit the project’s digital outputs to: (a) The Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) (with the GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panel) and the Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) (with GEO BON’s data management teams) (b) European environmental monitoring agencies (via the EEA and/or NFPs and/or MFSD/WFD).

Lead partner:

Pier Luigi Buttigieg (AWI)|
Dan Lear (MBA) |