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Why Open Science and Open Access Matter: The MARCO-BOLO Perspective

Strengthening Biodiversity Observations with Open Science

Open Science means sharing scientific knowledge with everyone, while Open Access makes sure that knowledge is free for anyone to read online.

What difference does Open Science make? Imagine a world where research isn’t hidden but open and accessible, making it easier for everyone to understand and use. It means more international and interdisciplinary collaboration leading to quicker breakthroughs, more informed decisions, and a society that progresses faster. Open Science and Open Access drive progress by making research findings accessible to everyone!

MARCO-BOLO: Ensuring FAIR Open Access Data for Our Oceans

MARCO-BOLO is a pioneering EU Horizon Europe-funded project with Open Science at its core. The project, focusing on marine, coastal, and freshwater biodiversity observation data, aims to unify scattered data. Marine environments are facing enduring challenges like pollution, habitat degradation and climate change. This biodiversity observation data holds invaluable insights for solutions but, it is currently stored in various formats across different platforms. MARCO-BOLO is bringing scientists, technology, and stakeholders together to create a system that collects, organises and provides free access to this information. In line with FAIR* principles, the project aims to make biodiversity data readily Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, particularly for policymakers and industries.

When businesses and policymakers can easily understand and access biodiversity data, it leads to better policies, sustainable practices, and a healthier planet. Open Access data empowers decision-makers to craft tailored solutions, fostering a world where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.

This International Open Access Week, MARCO-BOLO wants to use this opportunity to raise awareness of the power of Open Science. By enhancing marine, coastal and freshwater biodiversity data collection and access, we can make a lasting impact in protecting and restoring ocean health!


*Find more about FAIR data for marine biologists in the EMBRC training course: